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Lifestyle: 6 life saving tips to stay fit and healthy.

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A fit and healthy lifestyle is not only a desire but is also a requirement. We often fall prey to all creative looking advertisements selling harmful pills in the name of healthy living. We work hard, exercising, watching videos about how to remain healthy. Little did we know the key to a healthy lifestyle was right in front of us. So, I’m going to share some simple tips that will help you lead a fit lifestyle.

• Water –
Water is like the solution to all our problems. For example, thirsty? Drink water. Pimple problem? Drink water. Relationship problem? Just drown your partner. Jokes apart, drinking water not only improves your skin and hair but also helps to improve health.

All you need to do is, wake up early in the morning and drink lukewarm water 10 minutes after waking up. People who drink water immediately after waking up have a tendency to catch a cold. Drink water 30 minutes before having your lunch, it improves digestion. The whole point here is, STAY HYDRATED.

• Sleep-
An adequate amount of sleep is extremely important. A human body requires eight hours of sleep. One must wake up before the sun rises. Scientific studies prove that sleeping during sunrise and sunset have ill effects on health. Sun rays play an important role in maintaining health. Sunlight boosts the level of serotonin hormones which are essential to keep us happy and healthy all day long.

• Walking –
Walking is the best exercise. I mean, don’t just stroll, walk briskly. Walking 100 to 150 steps after a meal is very beneficial for the digestive system. Walking on a daily basis improves blood sugar level, boosts your energy level, and burns down calories. It also helps to improve heart condition and metabolism.

• Hygiene –
Maintenance of hygiene and cleanliness is extremely important. One must always bathe regularly. Bathing properly prevents infections and diseases. It prevents your body from being attacked by bacteria and viruses.

• Exercise –
Regular exercise keeps you fit and makes you feel happy and refreshed. Exercise is extremely essential for the maintenance of cardiovascular health. It delivers the oxygen to each and every cell in your body and improves your capacity to work. Tip: Never drink water just after exercise.

• Healthy eating –
We are aware that eating is important. But it is also important to know what we’re eating. It’s important to check or count calories when you eat. This helps to keep a track of the carbohydrates, proteins, fiber, etc. One should only eat when they are hungry. People often mistake boredom for hunger. They eat a lot at the wrong time and then face problems in controlling the weight and maintenance of health.

Cheers to a healthy lifestyle!