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Life is so much better with friends. Happy National Best Friend Day!

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“It’s not that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but it’s your best friends who are your diamonds.” – Gina Barreca

National Best Friend Day is celebrated annually on the 8th of June. National Best Friend Day seeks to celebrate best friends and the contribution that best friends make in our daily lives. A best friend is a friend that you consider closest to you. It is a person that you can always rely on, someone genuine, some trustworthy, and someone who accepts you for who you are.

Best friends make the good times better and the hard times easier. They make your problems their problems, just so you don’t have to go through them alone. They make you laugh by cracking stupid jokes even when you’re at your lowest. They cry with you when you’re upset, and then cheer you up.

They are ALWAYS there for you, no matter what. They have always got your back. They are the kind of people who would literally do anything for you. They don’t mind punching the ones who hurt you. And if your best friend is as crazy as mine, she’ll be all set to castrate them.

Anyone can be labeled as a friend. But a best friend? That’s something that needs to be earned. A best friend knows you more than yourself and they’ll still love you knowing how imperfect you are and how many stupid decisions you make. They’ll stick around and help you out. Best friends share tears and laughs. And if your best friend is as amazing as mine, she’ll even sing ‘Doraemon’ title track with you while having ice cream at night on Marine drive.

Best friends are those with whom you can share ANYTHING. They won’t judge you. They won’t be angry. You can talk to them about anything, your fears, your insecurities, your emotions. And if your best friend is as incredible as mine, she’ll send you memes to hype you up and then ‘discuss’ your favorite shows and then entertain you by talking about how much she loves anime and Ruby Rose.

Best friends are people you don’t need to talk to every single day. It’s cool even when you don’t talk to each other for weeks, but when you do, it’s as if you never stopped talking. They’re not just there for the gossip and fun parts, they’re going to sit with you and talk about life. And if your best friend is as lively as mine, she’s going to dance with you on the rooftop and then talk about life while eating strawberry ice cream and Doritos once y’all are tired.

With this extended lockdown and quarantine period, none of us has been able to go out, hang out and chill without our best friends like old times. They may be far from us, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t miss them. We miss having to talk to them over iced coffee, the last-minute submissions, the walk from college to the railway station, the failed Imagica plans, the drunken sleepovers, the spontaneous McDonald’s plan, and the list keeps going.

With such an uncertain halt to our activities, none of us really got the chance to tell our best friends that they mean the most to us and we will continue to support them no matter what life throws at us. So, why not take the opportunity to do this today?

On National Best Friends Day, tell your homies how much they mean to you and how boring life would have been if it weren’t for their silly jokes. The least you can do is send a text to your best friends wishing them and telling them how much you appreciate the warmth and support that they extend at all times. Cheers to friendship!