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Legal action will be taken against those who wrongly send bulk messages.

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Whatsapp is one of the most popular messaging platforms in the world, and this is because it has a lot of people who abuse it. Recently, it was found that the cloning of this app, software and code tampering and most of the platforms related to spreading the news of the spread of the news. As a result, the company has limited its forwarding feature in India to send messages to five people. Despite this, the company is going to take legal action against those who misuse Whatsapp.

No Whatsapp App You Can not Forward Now More than Five Things Even after this, it seems that many people have found a way to misuse the app. Facebook’s Ownership Whatsapp is now going to take tough action against such illegal and misuse of the app. Whatsapp has already been clarified that Whatsapp is for personal use. For this reason, the company is going to take legal action against those who use WhatsAppAs and bulk messages for any other purpose.

A statement from Whatsapp says, “Starting from December 7, 2019, WhatsApp will take legal action against them, which violate our terms of service or misuse this platform on the basis of our rules. For example, action will be taken against those who use automated messages, bulk messages or non-personal apps, even if they are processed only on the basis of the information we have. ” Whatsapp has made it clear that who is misusing the app, it will be decided by the company.

The company believes there are many businesses, who try to deceive the machine learning system of Whatsapp, and are helpful in continuing its misuse. Earlier this year, WhatsApp sent a notice to many companies, which were developing or operating similar clones and software with Whatsapp. This is a big step taken by WhatsApp and the company is engaged in trying to stop spreading information on the platform with at least bulk messages help. Whatsapp is constantly developing such features, so that users can get better chatting experiences.