Vijay Mallya, Alan Mitchell Vijay Mallya, Clare Montgomery

Lawyers of Vijay Mallya said, “Indian prisoners are filthy and prisoners even more.

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London: Exotic liquor baron Vijay Mallya, who is taking money from Indian banks, is facing trial in extradition case in Britain. On Thursday, Vijay Mallya’s lawyers said that in Indian jails there are more prisoners than in capacity and cleanliness in them is also not good. Mallya’s lawyer Claire Montgomery presented the case to Dr. Allen Mitchell, a specialist in prison services, as a witness in the Westminster Magistrates’ Court.

In the event of extradition in the case of fraud and black money, he tried to prove the claims of the Government of India regarding Mallya’s behavior to be done. Montgomhi said that Mallya will be kept in the 12th barracks of Arthur Road Jail in Mumbai and his condition is not satisfactory.

Dr. Mitchell said that the promises made by the Indian government are common and it shows that the condition of the prison is worth keeping Mallya, but according to whom? It is worth mentioning that the hearing of the extradition of Mallya in UK court in the context of fraud of 9000 crore rupees was started on December 4.