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Large water crisis may be standing in India, water will disappear from tubes: Report

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London, Things start to talk about water crisis as summer arrives, but the information that has been based on the study of a previous warning satellite system is quite frightening as this report is pointing to a major water crisis in India. Due to shrinking reservoirs in India, Morocco, Iraq and Spain, water can disappear from the taps in these four countries.

According to the developers who created the pre-warning satellite system for 5 lakh dams in the world, the water crisis will reach De Ziro in India, Morocco, Iraq and Spain. That is, the water can be completely disappear from the tubes. It has been said in the study that there is a direct tension about water allocation in two reservoirs linked to the river Narmada in India.

Due to low rainfall last year, water in the upper part of the Indira Sagar dam of Madhya Pradesh reached the third lowest level of this season. When the water was taken from the Sardar Sarovar reservoir located in the lower area to complete this shortage, there was a lot of violence because the Sardar Sarovar reservoir had drinking water for 30 million people. Last month, the Gujarat government had appealed to farmers not to cultivate the crop by stopping irrigation.