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Lahore High Court prevented to Pak government from arrest of Hafeez.

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Lahore, The Lahore High Court on Wednesday stayed the arrest of terrorist Hafiz Saeed till further order. The Mumbai attacks in 2008 and JUD Dargah Hafeez filed a petition in the High Court to avoid arrest before the UNSC team’s visit on Tuesday. The team of the United Nations Security Council will arrive in Islamabad on Thursday.

In his petition, Hafiz had said that the government wants to arrest him under the pressure of India and the United States. Justice Amin Aminuddin Khan, while hearing Hafiz’s petition, has refused to take any harmful action against Hafiz. A court official said, “The Lahore High Court accepted Hafiz Saeed’s petition today and issued an order to stop his arrest till further order. The court has asked the government to file replies in this case till March 17.

Leader of the Lashkar-e-Taiba founder AK Dogar told the court that the UNSC’s delegation is coming this week and the government wants to take action against Hafiz while staying here. The lawyer told the court that his client could be arrested and arrested under pressure from India and the US. Dogar said in the court that after referring to the law and order, the Punjab government seized Saeed for 10 months last year but after the absence of evidence, the court released him.

Not only that, Dogar also said that JUD and Falah-e-Insariyat are the Chairman of the Foundation and they have built 3 Universities along with 142 schools. The lawyer said that Saeed has been working as a public service for a long time. UNSC’s 1267 proposal committee will monitor the visiting committee on Thursday. Actually, the committee will look into whether Pakistan is following United Nations ban order or not. The two-day tour is expected to start from Thursday.