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#KuToo Campaign Like #MeToo against High Heels in Japan

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A campaign #KuToo is running just like the #MeToo campaign that started in Western countries in Japan. It is compulsory for women to wear high heels in Japan’s offices. Due to high heels, women sometimes have many kinds of physical problems. According to the Japan Times, women have started this campaign on social media in protest against this. This campaign is being organized in the offices to compulsory dress code and high heels for women.

Running against dress code and high heels in Japan, this campaign is getting great support on social media. To keep the high-heels and formal dress codes compulsory in social media users, it is being said that the old feudal mindset is the only way forward.

Women argue against high heels that it has to undergo many physical disorders such as pain in the heel, back pain. The women wrote against it, ‘There should be no compulsion to wear shoes. This is a kind of anti-woman mindset in which women have to wear high heels by ignoring health. ‘

Dress codes are mandatory for both men and women in Japan’s offices. Men should also be clean shave with the formal dress code. High heels are also mandatory in women’s dress code.