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Korean drama and music are winning everyone’s heart! Know what makes them so popular.

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Korean dramas, more popularly known as K-drama, are television series in the Korean language, made in South Korea.
K-dramas have gained a lot of popularity over the years, partially due to the spread of Korean popular culture, known as the “Korean wave” or K-pop. Audiences from all over the world are caught in the now-global Korea wave.

K drama has gained notoriety mostly because of its widespread availability via various streaming services like Netflix, Rakutenviki, Viu, etc which often offer subtitles in various languages.
Many K-dramas have been adapted throughout the globe, some have had a great impact on other countries.
K-dramas have drawn attention to their sense of fashion, style, and culture all over the world.

Now talking about why Korean shows are so popular:

• Eye candy!
The stars of Korean dramas are very attractive. Koreans are known for being particular about how they look and how they present themselves.

• Cultural appeal
It’s educational (trust me!). Korean dramas let you absorb information about their culture without the hassle of dreary studying.

• Fresh factor
Korean shows have versatility. They don’t have the same old stale, predictable plots.
The stories are short and sweet without having boring plots that have been recycled for seasons.

• Addictive properties
Korean dramas successfully create emotional connections with viewers. They build a rapport with the audience. The cliffhanger endings of nearly every episode leave viewers squirming till the next episode can resolve the conflict.
• Smorgasbord of choices
There is a drama to suit every taste. Light romantic comedies are popular fare. The genre can even be seasoned to taste with historical, fantasy, science fiction, romance, and many other drama ingredients.

• Cool clothes
The fashion in K-dramas has a definite trend appeal. The matching accessories are just as amazing as the clothes. Drama stars dress the way most of us would, in our daydreams.

Time for some Korean music!

Korean music is rocking. K-pop is even more popular than Korean dramas right now. It’s not hard to understand it’s popularity either. It has catchy beats and fun lyrics. There is also a hefty sprinkling of English words in K-pop. A bit a razzle-dazzle. And the good news is that Korean dramas showcase plenty of K-pop music and K-pop stars are drama regulars.

Dropping some K-drama suggestions below:

 Boys over flowers
 Crashlanding on you
 She was pretty
 Descendants of the son
 Inheritors
 Secret garden

Now here’s the kicker:
Korean dramas have become so popular that they are now getting American adaptations. Recently, hit K-series “The Good Doctor” just received a pilot order from ABC.

Will it be as good? Your guess is as good as mine.