Kim’s ‘Running Bodyguard’ appeared in action in Singapore.

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Singapore, North Korean ruler Kim Jong’s running bodyguards were first seen when a meeting between Pyeongyang and South Korean leaders was met. Now Bodyguard is again seen in action in Singapore where Kim has arrived for a historic meeting with US President Donald Trump.

Kim arrived in Singapore today where he will meet Trump on June 12. On this trip with them, their running bodyguards are present, who wear black suit.

A Washington Post’s journalist Anna has posted her video in twitter. Running behind a black color vehicle in which Kim is sitting, while hundreds of people are watching this unique protocol during this time.

Tell that the 12 bodyguards are always present behind Kim’s limogene car during the journey of Kim. Earlier on 27th April, Bodyguard was present, during a meeting with South Korea leader Moon Jae-in.