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Kim removed 3 top military officers before the trump meeting.

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Seoul, North Korea has removed the top three officers of the army from their post. On Sunday, an American official informed about this. Experts believe that this step can help the North Korean leader’s economic development and establish relationships with the world.

Kim Jong is preparing for a meeting with the US President Donald Trump on June 12 in Singapore. Let this be the first meeting of North Korean leader with an existing US President.

On the condition of non-identification of the American official, the South Korean news agency Jonhap made a statement on the report, which states that someone else has replaced the military officers stationed on all three high posts of North Korean army.

Kim Jong’s motive behind this is not yet clear, but experts say that in such a critical time for domestic development and international relations Kim Jong and his party’s Korian People’s Army (KPA) will be strong on hold.

Ken Gause, director of the International Affairs Group at the Research and Analysis Organization, CNA says, “If Kim Jong is ready to leave peace with the United States and South Korea and leave the nuclear program, then they have to make the impact of the army an edge. This shuffle has been done to put the officers on posts that are only loyal to Kim Jong.

During a meeting with North Korea, the US is hoping that Pyeongyang is ready for nuclear disarmament and US officials feel that there are some people in the army who disagree with Kim’s stand on South Korea and the US.

Trump wants North Korea to abandon its nuclear weapons and in turn, it will be eased in economic sanctions. It is believed that North Korean leadership considers nuclear weapons necessary for its survival, but Kim has said that now his plan is to focus on economic development. However, the US official did not share the names of the three military officers who were removed.

According to North Korea Expert Michael at John Hopkins University, in the country where the army is placed second in the nuclear and missile programs, this reshuffle has been done to bring the officers who are young and who can trust Kim Jong . He said, “Nuclear weapons are now lightweight cases.” Michael said that Kim Jong is expecting more international economic cooperation and investment after those current negotiations and he wants to avoid corruption, due to which many previous projects have stalled. All new officers are younger than their predecessors.

Not only that, all three new army officers have experience of negotiating with the foreign delegation. This is a factor that will help Kim Jong-un to organize talks with US, China, Russia and Syria leaders. Michael said, “They are preparing these young people because the dialogue with many countries of the world, is going to grow. They know how to sit in such meetings and do not add to excessive intoxicants in the parties. They know how to behave. ‘