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Kim Kardashian: Divorced Hollywood beauty for the work done by her husband

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Kim Kardashian is an actress who is extremely popular all over the world with her reality shows in Hollywood. This beauty who is often in the news with some controversy has recently hit the news with another news.

Kim Kardashian is an unfamiliar name to anyone who knows anything about Hollywood. Even though she has not seen Hollywood movies, she has become extremely popular through reality shows. Kim, who often makes a fuss on social media by sharing hot photos, has once again become a hot topic.

The beauty has been dating her husband KANYE WEST for seven years. Hollywood channels are buzzing that Kodai is coming to terms with her marriage soon.

The distance between those who have been living in salt and fire since then seems to have increased even more after the American election. The dispute between the two reached a climax during the election. During the election campaign, Kanye joined Kim and her parents in religious criticism. The distance between them has widened ever since. And the two have been apart ever since. Kim is planning to put a full stop to this bond.