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Kim Jong will stay in a hotel charging 6k USD per day. America will pay the bill.

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Washington, American President Donald Trump has confirmed once again that on June 12, Kim Jong will have his historical meeting with him. This meeting is to be held in Singapore. But before that a new dilemma has emerged in front of America. Indeed, the North Korean leader Kim has asked to arrange for his living in a Singapore hotel, whose one day rent is more than 6 thousand dollars or more than 4 lakh rupees. However, this bill is not to Kim but to pay the US.

According to a report from ‘The Washington Post’, Chief House of Staff of White House, who has come to complete all the preparations in Singapore, 10 days before Kim Hengin and Kim Jong’s Chief of Staff Kim Chang Sun meeting. According to reports, the North Korean leader has sought to stay in the five-star Fullerton hotel during this period. According to the news, North Korea has demanded that the hotel be billed for someone else. Here, one night fare for the preferential suite is more than Rs 4 lakhs.

This hotel is built on the Singapore River and is considered as the most different hotel in the city. It is believed that the hotel’s prefectural suite also has an elevator. When ‘The Independent’ asked about the arrival of Kim Jong-Un from the Hotel Receptionist, it was replied that the information of the guests is kept strictly confidential. This hotel was built in 1928.

According to ‘The Washington Post’, America will take care of Kim’s disrespect. But any payment of any kind of restrictions imposed by the Treasury Department will also be violated. As a result, the Office of Foreign Assets Control will have to ban the ban. White House has refused to respond immediately to this.

So far Venus of Trump and Kim’s meeting has not been decided. But the potential Venue includes the Shangri-La Hotel, which recently welcomed the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Defense Ministers of other countries of the world.