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Kim Jong-un, who has arrived in Singapore from Pyeongyang secretly.

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Singapore, North Korean leader Kim Jong arrived in Singapore on Sunday for a historic summit with US President Donald Trump. But getting a glimpse of them during this period is also extremely difficult. The world’s eyes are laid on this negotiation, but till the last time it was not clear whether Kim will arrive in Singapore from which plane. People from Singapore stayed on the streets to get a glimpse of Kim, but this could not even be possible. Please tell that the talks will take place on June 12.

3 aircraft from Pyeongyang had reached Singapore. One of them was Soviet-built Ilyushin-62, which is Kim’s private aircraft. Even though Singapore was in the reach of this plane, till last, there was suspicion about what the aircraft was in Kim and it proved to be true because Kim reached Air China’s Boeing 747 in Singapore.

Kim first met the Foreign Minister Vivian Balakrishnan in Singapore. Kim was transported to the hotel via the car from Changi airport. During this, there was a convoy of more than 20 vehicles, including an ambulance. The people of Singapore were standing in the queue so that the pictures of a black film with a limogene could be photographed. In Singapore, black film has not got approval for the car till the country’s PM.

There was a crowd of journalists outside the St. Regis Hotel, where Kim has to live. Tried to cover the entire hotel more and more. Not only this, the hotel’s security staff planted plenty of plants so that it is difficult to peek inside the lobby.

This room starts at a price of 320 Singapore dollars (16 thousand rupees) per night. In the preliminary suite, the key is spread over 335 square meters and is on the 20th floor. There is also a piano in this room. Although the hotel’s website has not provided the price information, but one night’s hotel room price for a New York hotel with similar facilities is more than $ 35,000 or more than 23 lakh 62 thousand rupees.

Kim met Singaporean prime minister Lee Hsien Loong on Sunday. Here Kim said to Loong, ‘The whole world is watching this historic summit … and thank you for your efforts … due to which we could meet the preparations for the summit.’

Loong said that he has spent more than 1 billion rupees for hosting this summit. Half of this has been spent on security only.