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Again happened in New Year: Kim Jong Un threatens to change his stand on US pressure.

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Despite the beginning of the new year, the relations between North Korea and the US are not improving. On the last day of 2018, North Korean leader Kim Jong threatened that Pyongyang could consider changing his position if the US continues to pressurize through the ban. Kim said this in his New Year address on Tuesday.

Kim said, “If the United States did not fulfill its promises made before the world and continued to increase sanctions and pressure against our country, then there is no alternative but to find a new way to protect our sovereignty and interests. The North Korean leader cited the US President Donald Trump’s summit in Singapore in June saying that the conversation was “successful” and ‘Creative ideas were exchanged.’

Let the two leaders sign the agreement on nuclear disarmament of the Korean Peninsula, but due to the ongoing debate over Washington and Pyongyang regarding its true meaning, it is halted. Several restrictions have been imposed by the United Nations Security Council on North Korea, which prohibits the program of nuclear and ballistic missile weapons.

Now during the program, Kim said, “I am ready to talk with the American President and I will make every effort to extract acceptable results from the international community.” He also said that the US and South Korea are now closed Should give. There is a security agreement between Seoul and Washington, and the US has deployed its 28,500 troops to protect South Korea from neighboring countries.