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Kim Jong Un said ‘The Nuclear bomb button is at my desk’.

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North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-he warned the United States that a button to launch a nuclear bomb always remains at his desk i.e. ‘America will never be able to start a war’.

In his New Year speech on TV, Kim Jong-un told that the entire US is in the heart of North Korea’s nuclear weapons and “this is not a threat but a reality”.

However, Kim looked a bit soft on neighboring South Korea. He indicated that he was “ready to negotiate” with South Korea.

Kim said that North Korea could send teams to the Winter Olympics in Seoul.

Six nuclear tests, several missile tests
Several types of restrictions have been imposed on North Korea due to several missile tests and nuclear programs.

Many countries of the world have been distant from North Korea but without regard to them, North Korea has done six underground nuclear tests.

In November 2017, it tested the Hwang-15 missile. The missile went 4,475 km, which is ten times the height of the International Space Station.

North Korea claims that he has nuclear weapons ready for launch but there are some discussions in some circles of the international community whether North Korea really has weapons like he claims.

‘Must create weapons on a large scale’
In a speech on New Year’s occasion, Kim Jong emphasized his policy on arms.

He said, “North Korea should create large quantities of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles and they should do the job faster.”

Kim hopes to improve relations with South Korea this year

2018 is an important year for North and South Korea. North Korea is completing its 70th year and organizing the South Korea Winter Olympics.

Change tone on south korea

In response to the frequent distressing relations between the two countries, Kim Jong-his retaliation attitude is about to draw attention.

Kim Jong said that he is considering ‘sending a team’ in the Games in Pyongyang in February. It is important that South Korea has said that ‘such a step will be welcomed’.

Kim said, “North Korea’s involvement in the Winter Olympics will be a great opportunity to show solidarity, we pray that the game will be completed with complete success.”

‘Both Korean countries should meet immediately’
Speaking on the neighboring nation, Kim said further, “Officers from both Korean countries should meet immediately to explore possibilities.”