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Kim Jong Un honour to Chinese tourists died in the accident.

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Seoul, North Korea’s leader Kim Jong reached the station itself to give final honour to Chinese tourists who were killed in a bus accident. A train sailed with the bodies of the tourists. The government media gave this information in a report on Thursday. According to the report, North Korean leader has apologized to China about this accident.

According to the Chinese authorities, on Sunday night, 32 Chinese tourists and 4 North Korean civilians were killed after the bus collapsed from a bridge south of Pyongyang. 2 other Chinese civilians were injured. North Korean Government Dialogue Committee KCNA said that on Wednesday evening, Kim reached the Pyeongyang station to see the special train. The bodies of Chinese citizens have been taken from this train.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chuing told that the train left at midnight. The Chinese ambassador with high level North Korean officials was on the train. Hua said that the train reached the city of Shenyang at 9.30 in the morning at local time. Local officials will help the families of the victims.