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Kim Jong arrived in china , to share the details of Singapore summit with Xi Jinping.

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Beijing, North Korean leader Kim Jong-he has reached Beijing again on Tuesday. Here he will tell China’s President Xi Jinping meeting with US President Donald Trump in Singapore. The Chinese media about Kim’s visit was announced when Kim’s aircraft was about to reach Beijing.

In March, Kim Jong-she made her first tour of China. It was his first foreign trip after assuming office. However, on Tuesday, he reached China for the third time. The second time he went to China in early May. Chinese news agency Xinhua told that Kim Jong will be on a trip to China from June 19 to 20.

According to the South China Morning Post, Kim and Xi will also discuss further strategy during the meeting. Explain that China may not have been present in the Singapore meeting but it is being considered as the biggest role in this summit.

After the Singapore Summit last week, Donald Trump and Kim Jong had announced that North Korea was ready for nuclear disarmament and in return the United States promised Pyongyang a security guarantee.