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Kim Jong agenda will be in the meeting with Trump.

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Singapore, Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong has already reached Singapore with those historic talks. Where the US has already made it clear that it is the prominence of North Korea’s closure of the nuclear program, the agenda of the North Korea has not been cleared yet. But now that the two leaders have reached Singapore, the North Korean government media has cleared Kim’s Agenda.

According to the news of ‘The Guardian’, on Monday, the North Korean media said in a news that both leaders will hold talks on ways to establish lasting peace. Along with this, nuclear disarmament of the Korean Peninsula and other shared issues will also be discussed.

Korean Central News Agency said that with Kim, North Korean Foreign Minister Ri yong-ho, Defense Minister Hyon Yong-chol and sister Kim Yo-Jong have also arrived in Singapore. It has also been said in the agency’s report that this is the first time that the talks between the leaders of both the countries are going to be held and the eyes of the world are restored to it.

Experts have this concern
This is the first talk of North Korea leader with the current President of America. Trump had demanded that North Korea stop its nuclear program. In return, Pyongyang will be given relief from economic sanctions. However, Kim has not yet explicitly sought his demand. Experts say that although Kim is in favor of nuclear disarmament entirely on the Korean peninsula, he has not yet expressed his desire and this process may take years.

Tell us that Trump and Kim Jong are staying in different hotels after arriving in Singapore. Kim is staying in Singapore’s five-star hotel in St. Regis, then the Shangri La Hotel is just a short distance from Trump. The two leaders will meet on June 12 at Kapella Hotel of Santosa Island.