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Khaleda Jia gets five years in jail for corruption.

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Dhaka, A court in Bangladesh on Thursday sentenced former Prime Minister and opposition leader Khaleda Jia to five years in jail for corruption. A special judge of the country’s highest security in the country, sentenced the president of Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) to a fine of $ 2.52 billion for embezzlement. This donation amount was sent from abroad to the name of ‘Jia orphanage Trust’. Before the announcement of the verdict, thousands of supporters of the former prime minister, who protested, tear gas shells.

In the matter, Khaleda’s eldest son and Senior Vice President Tariq Rehman and four other accused have been sentenced to 10-10 years in jail. Khaleda Jia (72) had told the NGO to misuse the money coming from donation to the NGO as wrong. According to the court order, he will not be able to stand up in this year’s parliamentary elections.

He said that these allegations have been put in place. This case is one of dozens of cases pending against opposition Khaleda for decades of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. The judge said, “The allegation in the court has been proved. Given the social and physical condition of Khaleda Jia, she is sentenced to five years imprisonment. After the announcement of the sentence, the security force Jia was taken to jail.