KFC rolls out a new voice-based feature on its app!

Dining Technology

KFC is always coming up with fresh ideas to keep its client base entertained, and this cricket season is no exception. The KFC app now requires you to yell loudly in order to receive the best discount on your fast food purchase. The functionality is accessible in both the Android and iOS app stores and is compatible with the majority of devices.

“India’s first voice-activated mega offer comes on the KFC app. To use the feature, simply download the KFC app from the Play Store/ App store, place your order, and shout “Howzzat” as loud as you can. Extra discounts will add up to your order just like the extras from leg byes and wides add up to the game’s score! Getting unbelievable discounts is as easy as that! And the louder the cheer, the higher the discount! The unique feature is available on the KFC app for a month, starting from early May,” states KFC.

KFC has previously made headlines when it launched its gaming system. Well, it was just a notion that has yet to be realised, but the concept was popular. Built to compete with the Microsoft Xbox Series X and Sony PS5 consoles when they launch in late 2020, the concept, developed in collaboration with PC accessories manufacturer Cooler Master, claimed to provide the newest gaming experience while keeping your fried chicken warm and fresh.

Microsoft then devised a unique strategy to combat the KFConsole. Microsoft unveiled the Xbox Little Fridge, which resembles a giant Xbox Series X game system but opens to expose a mini-refrigerator within.