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Kangana Ranaut hints at joining politics

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At Panchayat Aaj Tak Himachal Pradesh, BJP president JP Nadda was questioned on actor Kangana Ranaut hints of entering politics and her desire to run for the Lok Sabha in 2024 from Himachal Pradesh on a BJP ticket. In response, JP Nadda said that while the Bollywood actor is welcome to join the party, the choice to run for office is made via a consultation process.

On Saturday, October 29, Kangana Ranaut made a hint about entering politics by declaring she’s willing to run for office from Mandi in Himachal Pradesh if the people want it and the BJP grants her a ticket.

“Whatever will be the situation… If the government wants my participation, then I will be very much open to all kinds of participation… It will be my honour if the people of Himachal Pradesh or the party wants me to contest; I will have no problem. So, definitely, it will be my good luck. I want others also to come forward who are hard working. They are people who really hard, I want them to come forward too,” Kangana Ranaut replied when asked about joining politics.

On November 12, Himachal Pradesh will hold its legislative elections. December 8 is the date for the counting.

It’s interesting to note that Kangana earlier this month stated she had no plans to enter politics professionally because she was still devoted to her film industry.

Kangana is invited to join the party, but the leadership will ultimately decide whether or not to give her a ticket, according to JP Nadda, national president of the BJP, who was speaking at the same event.

JP Nadda said, “Kangana Ranaut is welcome to join the party. There is ample space for anyone who wants to work with the party. But as far as contesting the polls are concerned, it is not my decision alone. There is a consultation process right from the grassroots level to the election committee to the parliamentary board.”

He further added, “Everyone is welcome to join the BJP. But in what capacity, the party decides. We don’t take anyone based on conditions. We tell everyone, you have to come unconditionally and only then is the party going to decide.” 

The actor who played the lead role in Queen had her Twitter account blocked in May of last year for repeatedly breaking the terms of service. She was also questioned about Elon Musk’s most recent purchase of Twitter and whether she planned to rejoin it soon.