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Kangana Ranaut claims receiving Padma Shri will ‘shut many mouths’

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Kangana Ranaut, an actress, was presented with the Padma Shri Award on Monday in New Delhi. Kangana rushed to Instagram after winning the award to post a message for her fans.

The Padma Shri award, Kangana Ranaut said to the camera, showed the country’s appreciation for her work as an “ideal citizen” and her early accolades as an actor. “Thank you so much. The first 8-10 years of my profession were the most challenging. Nonetheless, when I eventually achieved my goal, I could not enjoy it because it sparked a new round of problems. For me, working in films with famous male stars and production companies was a no-no. Many people were not happy with her work, she remarked.

On social and political issues, Kangana remarked about how she frequently expresses her views and has numerous court cases against her. “People frequently inquire as to the benefit I derive from all of this. What’s the point of it all? The task at hand is not yours to perform. So, this honor is my retaliation for their kindness. “This Padma Shri will silence a lot of people,” she remarked in the video. “This Padma Shri will silence a lot of people.”

In addition to Kangana, Adnan Sami and Ekta Kapoor received Padma Shri awards at the ceremony. Adnan spoke to ANI after receiving the Padma Shri award and said he wanted to dedicate it to his parents. “You may not be able to convey yourself in words. Thankful for the government’s support. It would be impossible to accomplish anything without the help of other people. I’m dedicating this to my father and mum. It’s both an honour and a responsibility, and I’ll do my best to fulfil it “he stated.