Kai Po Che

Kai Po Che: 9 Years of the movie, fans got emotional after remembering Sushant


The film ‘Kai Po Che,’ directed by Abhishek Kapoor, received a lot of positive feedback from the public and reviewers alike. Due to its excellent storyline and directing, the picture has remained in the hearts and minds of the audience for almost a decade. On this date in 2013, this picture was released.

Late actor from the same film Sushant Singh Rajput made his Bollywood debut. With his debut film, Sushant became engaged with Bollywood. His followers grew emotional on Twitter today, marking the 9th anniversary of his debut film, and are tweeting continually in his remembrance. ‘I still remember how delighted I was, as I was about to witness my love, my person, my Sushant for the first time on the big screen… it was more than magic for me,’ one user commented.

After the success of ‘Rock On’ and ‘Aryan: Unbreakable,’ Abhishek Kapoor’s third film, ‘Kai Po Che,’ was an adaptation of ‘3 Mistakes of My Life.’ Many people consider that this movie has lifted the bar in terms of enjoyment. In addition to receiving critical praise, the picture grossed a respectable sum at the box office in 2013.

‘Kai Po Che’ has been a defining milestone in my filmography after ‘Rock On,'” Abhishek Kapoor commented in the past. Taking on a project based on a sensitive problem that had been brought to the forefront by new faces was quite a task. One that both prepped and satisfied my inner storyteller. It’s encouraging to see how the film has remained in the hearts of viewers over time. These experiences solidified my resolve to continue pushing my boundaries with each endeavour.”

Abhishek Kapoor, regarded as a revolutionary director, has pushed the frontiers of Indian cinema with his most recent film, ‘Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui.’ While dealing with the problem of the transgender population, Abhishek crafted a light yet emotional drama.