Kabul,Intercontinental Hotel, terror attack

Kabul: All terrorist attackers attacking the luxury hotel has been dead, 120 people rescued.

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Kabul, All the terrorists who were involved in the Intercontinental Hotel in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul were eventually killed. According to the latest information from the local media, the Home Ministry has informed that a total of three terrorists were present in the hotel and the three were killed. They killed five people and injured six others. Among those killed include a foreign citizen. 120 people were rescued after this operation lasted for almost 12 hours. They were almost run overseas citizens in them. After seven years in Kabul, no operation has been so long.

What was the case

The terrorists had entered the hotel on Saturday night. He started firing at the staff and guests present there. This attack was being described as an attack on 26/11 in India’s Taj Hotel. About 120 people have been rescued. To escape, people were seen fleeing from the rooftop of the hotel.

How penetrated terror

Relatives of the staff stranded in the hotel told that the terrorists had killed the security guards at the hotel’s entry and they had entered the hotel through the kitchen. The terrorists also set fire to the hotel. The electricity of the hotel was also cut off keeping in mind the security. To kill the terrorists, the security forces had landed on the roof of the helicopter.

So far what happened

Recently, it was also said that the security of the hotel was given to a private security company. In the attack there is more damage to the first and second floors of the hotel. People are scared enough after the attack. The US Embassy in Kabul had said that they had warned its citizens only on Thursday. They knew that some extremist organizations could target hotels in Kabul.

The same hotel was attacked in 2011.

It is worth mentioning that this is the second time that this hotel has been attacked. Earlier, Intercontinental Hotel was attacked in June 2011. At that time 9 assailants had fired 12 people. There was a mortgage crisis for 5 hours and later all the attackers were killed.