Joji Review: Joji’s magic and some brilliance!

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Dileesh Pothen and Fahadh Faasil have teamed up for the third film Joji. It has become a milestone in the history of Malayalam cinema. Inspired by Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Dileesh Pothen’s Joji reunites with director Shyam Pushkaran and cinematographer Shyju Khalid. The film stars Fahad Fazil alongside Baburaj, PN Sunny, Basil Joseph, Unnimaya Prasad, Joji Mundakayam, Shammi Thilakan and Alastair Alex. The film is co-produced by Fahad Fazil, Dileesh Pothen and Shyam Pushkaran.

This time the director has chosen PK Kuttappan and his children from a prominent family in Kottayam. Joji (Fahad), the central character in the film, is the youngest son of Kuttappan. Even though he has earned more than he needs, his father-in-law does not allow his children to enjoy it. So out of fear and respect for the father, some of the children lived in obedience to his hope for his death. Then one day, at the age of 74, Kuttappan, who was in good health, had a heart attack. Only the eldest son Jomon (Baburaj) wants the father to return completely healthy.

The storyline of the film can be seen in many other films

At the same time, the movie shows Joji leaving his father’s bed and his dream of living, and Joji. He is living a dream, takes a crooked path for it and the events that take place after that. Similar to Macbeth, the storyline of the film can be seen in many other films. We have seen people in the movies and in the news waiting for the death of their parents in order to set aside their property. The film begins to move on to another level when Joji begins to think that he’s only a story set in a different presentation.

Shyam Pushkaran’s screenplay, which is full of characters, is rich in enjoyable moments. Joji’s script has given full support to the director’s presentation. Joji is another brilliant venture by Pothettan that paved the way for the director’s use of the term brilliance. The director’s signature can be clearly seen on each side of the film, which focuses on the acting of the actors. The director has been able to easily incorporate non-star actors into the film. Although the initial twist was a bad experience for some audiences, it was necessary to bring the audience into the rhythm of the film.

The story of Joji is very familiar to the audience for realism

When the director prepares a story that is very familiar to the audience for realism, the role of the actors in it is also huge. There is no need to elaborate further on the actor Fahad. Joji is also unique in being able to see Fahad again, whom he had seen years ago in appearance. Fahad has beautifully imitated a character who is obsessed with immaturity and immaturity. Baburaj’s character Jomon stays close to the heart for the first time in the film. The actor has acted in a way that no one other than Baburaj can imagine in that role. Joji Mundakkayam, who played Joji’s other brother, also gave a notable performance.

The role of Basil’s father, Unnimaya’s Bincy, the character of Shammi Thilakan who runs for everything. The character of PN Sunny’s stepfather all helped to bring the film to the audience in the same way as the director intended. The only drawback seemed to be that it was difficult to conform to the hero’s logic that society is the cause of everything. It is unacceptable that the director came to the conclusion that society has a role to play in creating such a situation rather than the selfishness of the protagonist in the film. ‘Joji’ stands out with the director’s masterpiece in all the parts except there.

Overall review about the film

Dileesh Pothen Joji has prepared in such a way as to share some of the hilarious scenes and more. It is not true in the case of Joji that the audience gets bored when it becomes more realistic. Shaiju Khalid has once again proved his mettle by capturing the scenes without giving up the character of the film. The photographer has been able to present the audience with a first-hand experience of each situation. Despite the lack of songs, the background music in the film, which did not seem to be lacking, was applauded. BGM will push the film well, adapting to the thoughts and circumstances of the character Joji.

The audience is never bored as Kiran Das is able to do the editing without missing a beat and without the shadow of a swing. Although not a spice-packed commercial, Joji is a movie that can be enjoyed in theatres as well. There is no particular reason not to watch the film as it was released through OTD. But there are many reasons to watch it.