Why is Jerusalem the most controversial place in the world?

Why is Jerusalem the most controversial place in the world?

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US President Donald Trump may consider Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. He will be the first global leader to do this.

US officials say that although President Trump will not immediately take the American Embassy to Jerusalem with Tel Aviv.

Middle East Arab leaders say that Muslims will have to incite this and the situation in the Middle East will worsen.
The controversy over Jerusalem, the holy city of Israel and the Palestinians, is very old and deep.

Jerusalem is also the most controversial issue in the Israel-Arab tensions. This city places a very important place in Islam, Judaism and Christian religions.

These three religions linking Prophet Abraham to his history consider Jerusalem as his sacred place.
This is the reason that for centuries the name of this city has been settled in the hearts of Muslims, Jews and Christians. This city, known as Yerushalayim in Hebrew and Al-Quds in Arabic, is one of the oldest cities in the world.

This city has been occupied many times, has been demolished and rehabilitated again. This is why there is a layer of history hidden in every layer of soil here.

What four parts?
Today Jerusalem remains in the limelight because of division and conflict among people of different religions. But the history of this city also connects these people with each other.

There is an ancient city called the Old City in the center point of the city. The narrow streets and the maze of historic architecture define its four areas – Christian, Islamic, Jewish and Armenian.

Around it is a fortified security wall around which the most sacred places of the world are located. Each region has its own population.

Christians have two areas because Armenian is also a Christian. The oldest terrain in all the terrain is of Armenians.

It is also the oldest center of Armenians in the world. Armenians in St.James Church and Monastery have preserved their history and culture.

The Story of the First Church

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre is in the Christian area. It is the center of the faith of Christians all over the world. The place where it is located is the centerpiece of the story of Jesus Christ.
It was here that Jesus died, he was crucified and it was from here. According to Datar Christian traditions, Jesus Christ was crucified on ‘Golgotha’ right here.

This is called Hill of the Calvary. The Messiah of Christ is within the Palkar and it is believed that from here he also appeared.

The management of this church also deals with the various denominations of the Christian community, especially the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate, the Franciscan Fries of the Roman Catholic Church and the Armenian Patriarchate, and also the clergy associated with Ethiopian, Coptic and Syrian Orthodox churches.

These are the main centers of religious faith for millions of Christians around the world. Every year lakhs of people come to the tomb of Christ and pray and repent.

The story of the mosque?

The area of ​​Muslims is the largest in all four areas and it is situated here, the Dome of the Rock and the Masjid al-Aqsa. It is situated on a plateau, which is called Muslim Harm al Sharif or Holy Place.

Masjid al-Aqsa is the third most sacred place of Islam and it is managed by an Islamic Trust called Waqf.
Muslims believe that Prophet Muhammad had traveled from Mecca till one night and had discussed with the spirits of the Prophet here. Only a few steps away from here is the sacred place of Dome of the Rocks. It is believed that Prophet Mohammed had traveled from here to heaven.

Every day thousands of Muslims come to this holy place and pray. In the month of Ramzan, this number is very high on the day of Juma.

Holy wall

In the Jewish neighborhood, there is the Cottel or Western Wall. This is the left part of the Wall of the Mount. It is believed that the Holy Temple of Jews was at this place.

Within the holy site was the Holy of the Holy, or the most sacred place of the Jews.
The Jews believe that this is the place from where the world was created and here Prophet Muhammad Ibrahim had prepared to sacrifice his son Isaac. Many Jews believe that the Dome of the Rock is the Holi of the Holies.

Today the western wall is the closest to where the Jews can worship the Holy of the Holies.
Its management rabbi the western wall Every year there are tens of millions of Jews reaching out to the world and feeling connected with their heritage.

Why are stress?
In the center of the Palestinian and Israeli dispute is ancient Jerusalem city. The slightest change in the situation here has also turned violent tension and a big controversy. That is why every event that happens in Jerusalem is important.
In this ancient city, Jews, Christians and Muslims are the most sacred places of religion. This city is not only religiously important but also very diplomatic and politically important.
Most Israeli views Jerusalem as its undivided capital. The nation of Israel was founded in 1948. Then the Israeli Parliament was established in the western part of the city. In the war of 1967, Israel had captured East Jerusalem.
The ancient city also came under the control of Israel. Israel later captured this area but it did not get international recognition.
The full sovereignty of Israel has never been recognized on Jerusalem, and the Israeli leader has expressed its frustration over it.

Clearly, the attitude of the Palestinians is quite different from that. They demand East Jerusalem as their capital. There is also an international formula for establishing this peace in the Israel-Palestine dispute.
It is also known as the two Nation Solutions. Following is the idea of ​​building an independent Palestinian nation on Israel’s borders before 1967. This has been written in UN resolutions too.

One-third of Jerusalem’s population is Palestinian origin, many of which have been living here for centuries. The expansion of Jewish settlements in the eastern part of the city is also a major cause of controversy. These constructions are illegal under international law but Israel denies it.
The international community has been saying for decades that any change in the status of Jerusalem could come only from the peace proposal. That is why the embassies of all the embassies in Israel are located in Tel Aviv and there is only consulate in Jerusalem.

But President Trump is insisting that he wants to move his embassy to Jerusalem. Trump says it is doing this as the last negotiations of peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians.
They deny the concept of two nations. Trump says that I want a nation from which both parties agree.