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Jeff Bezos predicts that humans who will start living in space will visit Earth on vacations

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Imagine Earth as a vacation destination for visitors from outer space! I know what you’re thinking. Founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, claimed as much, and it’s true. The overuse and misapplication of Earth’s resources by humans have led to this school of thought. His message to humanity is simple: “We can’t damage this land.” Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO and self-funded space explorer presented these remarks at the annual Ignatius Forum in Washington, DC.

Many experts believe that it is essential that the millions of people who already operate in space, or who will do so in the future, are born and raised in space and have the opportunity to call it their first home. Bezos predicted that after humans begin to inhabit space, they will flock to Earth-like tourists flock to Yellowstone National Park to experience the natural wonders. Those who spend their lives in outer space will view Earth as a natural resort to spend their vacations. There will be gravity and most other things we take for granted on Earth in these colonies, which will be floating space dwellings. Bezos envisions a future where space colonies will have their own rivers, forests, and fauna to call their own in the far distant future.

“Approximately 10 billion people can live on our planet to a certain extent. If we could do that without harming the environment, it would take a lot of hard work on our part. There is enough room in the solar system to house a trillion people “During the meeting, Jeff Bezos made the following statement. According to Bezos, the ever-increasing human population would make it harder to expand the Earth’s habitable zones.

As optimistic as he appears, he did not elaborate on who will be chosen to remain on Earth or go to space in the future. Is survival of the fittest going to be the basis for selection? Where were those with the highest IQs chosen to go? So far, it’s not clear how important this is.

According to Bezos, the most challenging component is neither traveling into space nor reusing the space shuttle. The operational reusability is the most difficult to master because it takes time and repetition to get it correctly.

The privately funded aircraft manufacturer and suborbital spaceflight services provider Blue Origin, he said, would be designated as “Earth ambassadors” in the coming years.