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Japan has alerted on North Korea “trying to convince”.

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Ottawa, During the meeting of the citizens of 20 countries to discuss the North Korea crisis in Vancouver, Canadian Foreign Minister Taro Kano advocated persistent pressure on Pyongyang, saying that the world is trying to convince Pyongyang of recent ” There should be no confusion with ‘.

According to the BBC, this meeting took place on Tuesday and it was hosted jointly by the United States and Canada. In this meeting, US Secretary of State Rex Tillson, South Korea Foreign Minister Kang Qiang-ho and Canadian Foreign Minister Christia Freeland were present. China and Russia were not invited to this meeting, there are allegations that both countries do not put pressure on North Korea to stop nuclear ambitions. North and South Korea recently had bilateral talks on the issue of opening the winter Olympics next month. This was the last bilateral dialogue between the two countries.

The Foreign Minister of Japan said that in an attempt to get the time to develop weapons, North Korea is holding such talks, they emphasized that North Korea did not ignore missile and weapons testing. They warned not to be confused with North Korea’s attempt to ‘try’.

Tillerson said, “We need to increase pressure on North Korea so that he comes in front of a credible conversation.” ‘Ho said,’ The hard work of the international community is now drawing. ‘ In its final joint statement, 20 countries have said that they cross the UN Security Council resolutions, even putting strict restrictions on Pyongyang. China has called this meeting “unwarranted”, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said, “The most important countries of the Korean peninsula did not participate in this meeting, so I do not think this meeting is legitimate or representative.”