James Cameron

James Cameron, Titanic director, on the sequence that reassured him of the film’s mega box office success


In addition to establishing its lead actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet as established movie stars, Titanic, the 1997 movie by James Cameron, also made box office history when it was released. Titanic is a landmark movie for many other reasons as well. Here’s some movie buff trivia: A feature had never before managed to hold the top spot at the box office for 15 consecutive weeks until Titanic.

Making the movie Titanic, which was partially based on the stricken British passenger liner of the same name and partially fictional, was a nightmare. Titanic was a challenging film to make, from casting to the real budget (which came to a staggering $210 million), perfecting the graphics, and finally settling on a release date. So much so that there were discussions about how it would ultimately turn out to be a box office flop and how Cameron would have to give up on his career as a result. However, as history attests, the exact reverse occurred. Avatar, directed by James Cameron, ended Titanic’s 12-year reign as the highest-grossing film in the world in 2009 after only a few short weeks of its declaration as a blockbuster smash.

One of those directors who has always had to put up a battle to get things exactly how he wants them is Cameron. Of course, his vision being so grandiose and ambitious doesn’t help either. Even if there might have been arguments about how to film the ‘unfilmable’ Titanic, the sinking of the stern served as the scene that ultimately seemed to convince everyone. Characters in the movie rush outside in search of an escape, but there isn’t any word of the ship’s sinking spreads.