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Jail or Hotel? Nawaz will get a jail where services and features belongs to a luxurious hotel.

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Islamabad, Former Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his daughter Mary spent the first night in Adilah Jail, which has strong security in Rawalpindi. The two VIPs have been provided ‘B’ category facility. Prisoners of A or B class are educated and they are not worked hard in jail. In B category, Nawaz can get the facilities like TV, Refrig and AC by spending his money with the permission of the jail department. Meanwhile news has come that Nawaz Sharif’s lawyers will appeal against the decision of the court in Avonfeld property case on Monday.

Generally, the rooms of A or B Class inmates have a bed, a chair, a tea chair, a shelf, bathing accessories and a lantern without electricity. The rest have to spend their money for convenience. Tell you that Nawaz Sharif and Mary were arrested on returning to Pakistan on Friday.

The officials of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) had taken Sharif (68) and his daughter Mary (44) immediately after reaching Avonfild property from London to Lahore. They reached Lahore via Abu Dhabi. He was taken to Islamabad from a special plane and then he was taken to Adiala jail in separate armored vehicles in the security of police convoy.

Jio News has quoted sources as saying that the authorities have now decided to keep him in Adiala jail. In the presence of Islamabad magistrates and senior police officers in Adiala jail, a team of doctors conducted a medical examination of Sharif and his daughter Mary and declared him fit.