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To all those who always wanted to feel anything about someone.

We all know the basic definition of a relationship,( it’s wider then you think!) It’s a bond between two or more people. It can be anyone, a friend, a parent, your classmates, brother/ sister, and yes a love affair like dating someone ( as we all call friends with benefits!) or loving someone. 

But here a question does distance play a role here, even it’s long or social, or we are so shallow these days that we can’t handle the physical separation. Are hugs and kisses are new pillars of love? Or it’s just our unique nature to be social animals?

We all met one another through various platforms, not only our social media and but in real ones. We meet, greet, sometimes, please. But the point is, the distance, is it there because of the government or it is already there because of us?

We all have lives,( of course we are not zombies) professional and personal. We all know how balanced they were, the major reason for this century breakup is career and life balance. Issues like time and commitment are the reasons for war, and we don’t know how to forfeit it!

In my opinion, It’s never been the physical distance it is always been personal and As we all going ahead in the future we are leaving past practices, even if it is good for us! 

Earlier, people make friends and live the rest of their life with them, take to them and share problems, but now we just push people away who come near to us. Keep the ones who can never understand us, makes us feel safe and unpredictable! And the one who got pushed starts manipulation to feel safe. The circle goes forever, until one day you decide to come out of your catacombs and live life again. ( rather than just passing it!)

If you love someone ( again wider then you think !) Then maybe any kind of situation cannot separate the person from you! If they are not in your life anymore, pal they are not for you! Just move on and try again until death apart from your will! You will not sit idle when someone fires you from a job or your parents kick you out from their life, then why discriminate it from other life situation. 

Life is short for personal distance and too long to follow social distance. It’s never been long distance it’s always been the social distance of our life!