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It’s do or dye. Learn to make your own trendy tie dye outfits.

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It’s the summer season! Normally at this time, people shop for summer outfits. Due to the lockdown, no one wants to purchase new clothes just to wear at home. But, don’t we all deserve a little style and shine, pandemic or not?

Bring a cheerful spirit this summer with a little hippie Bohemia vibe to your wardrobe with one of the biggest and most fun trends of the summer, tie-dye. This multi-colored print has made its way into the wardrobes of everyone, even the minimalist dressers.

American designer, Ralph Lauren has put together a handy guide to give your old T-shirts, dresses, sweatpants, hoodies, or socks a new and trendy look.

Now everyone can be a fashionista at home itself. All you need are colored dyes, squeeze bottles, rubber bands, and rubber gloves.

Prep Prepare your colored dyes, soak your clothes in warm water, and gently wring them out. Tie-dye works best when the fabric is damp.

Tie it up It’s time to grab your rubber bands and get started. If you want the standard swirl pattern, begin by pinching the center of a T-shirt and spiraling it tight, then tying it with rubber bands to form triangular cross-sections. You can also try creating an abstract design by bunching your garment together and applying bands randomly.

Dye time Wear your gloves and grab your dye bottles. Try mixing and matching contrasting colors onto the different sections that your rubber band pattern has created. Repeat on all sides of your garment.

Final touch Place your creation into separate plastic bags and let rest. Then remove the rubber bands, unfold the garment, and voilà you can now officially call yourself a designer.

Be sure to rinse each garment of tie-dye thoroughly and then wash each piece individually at least once to wash out the excess dye and prevent it from ruining the rest of your laundry. Who said you need to buy new clothes to get dressed? Just grab your dyes and old clothes from your closet and treat yourselves!