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On the issue of Iran, the US will be shown to Russia and China, but Pak has told the dagger.

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On one hand, while France, China and Russia have shown the US to the issue on Iran, on the issue of curbing the same help, Pakistan has also given the US a treacherous term.
The relationship between the countries of different countries is constantly showing up with the US. While on one side, France, China and Russia have shown it to Iran on the issue of issue, then on the issue of curbing aid, Pakistan has also given the US a deadlock. The war of bitter rhetoric between Iran and America is not taking the name of the halt. Alam is that rumors are being kept in the center of Iran from time to time. This time this rhetoric was convened at the emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council. However, there was another thing to be seen here. It was France, Russia and China’s strong stand against the US. Indeed, on the issue of Iran, where America was showing aggressive attitude, Russia France and China raised the flag in favor of Iran. In this meeting Russian representative Wassily A. Nebenzia has even said that the US is misusing the Council of Security Council on Iran’s issue. China’s representative Wu Haito said that the Security Council is not a place to discuss human rights of any country.

France against the United States

Representative KV Ostrom, who was present in the meeting, said that his country hopes that Iran will take the right action to stop violence and prevent human rights abuses. Apart from this, he also said that Iran will take appropriate steps to overcome the doubts of the people. This statement of the French representative also matters very much because in the beginning of the year when protests were taking place in Iran, French President EMailMacron had met Iranian President Hassan Rohani. After this meeting of the UNSC, Iran’s representative tweeted that the US government was promoting protests in Iran.

Hands in protest protests in America

A senior Syrian senior journalist, who is still in full swing, They also say that America is increasing instability in Iran with the influence of social media. His statement is also very special for this because America has repeatedly been recommending introduction of other things including the closed mobile app in Iran. Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov also says that America is doing all this for pressure on Iran to change its nuclear deal. He also had to say that there is no need to change this treaty in his eyes. He gave this statement after the statement of the US Defense Minister in which he had said that the United States can not remain silent on seeing Iran. At the UNSC meeting, it was said to the US that Iran is watching the world is doing what it is doing.

Can not deny fundamental freedoms
In the meeting, US permanent representative of the United Nations Nikki Haley said, people of Iran are now landing on the streets. They are demanding human rights and fundamental freedoms, from whom no government can legally deny it. They are pleading for help. If the fundamental principles of this organization matter, we will not only listen to their cries but will answer them. Haley said, every member of the United Nations is sovereign. But they can not deny their rights to human rights and fundamental freedoms under the guise of sovereignty. The working of the Iranian government is watching the world. I appeal to the people to curb the voice of the public and restore access to the internet, because the Iranian people will decide their fate. Significantly, 21 people have died in anti-government protests in Iran for more than a week. This meeting was convened in New York based United Nations Headquarters on the request of the US to discuss the latest status of Iran. It contained all the 15 members of the Security Council.

Pakistan tells America to be treacherous countries
Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Khwaja Asif has said that America’s behavior towards Islamabad has been treacherous friend. Asif said in an interview to stop US security assistance, “America’s attitude is never a partner or a friend. America has always been a treacherous friend. Not only that, in the eastern areas of Islamabad and eastern areas of Lahore, after Friday prayers, some groups of students raised slogans against American President Donald Trump and burnt his photographs and American flags. Many other Pakistani politicians too have criticized the United States. Leader of the Opposition Imran Khan, while dismissing the US and urging for retaliation, Trump’s tweet and other American remarks were part of efforts to deliberately humiliate and humiliate Pakistan.