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ISRO’s ‘Chandrayaan-2’ mission will be launched in July, in the last round, to be launched in July.

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ISRO is in the final round of its ambitious Chandrayaan-II test. The final test is going on in Mahendragiri in Tamilnadu and in Bylalu in Bangalore. Preparation of ISRO is scheduled for launch from July 9. According to ISRO’s current schedule, the Spacecraft will leave Bengaluru on June 19 and reach Sriharikota’s Launchpad by 20 or 21 June.

From three de-mapping to water molecules and from mineral’s checkings to landing at the place where no one has reached to date. ISRO has made great preparations to go to the moon. This ambitious mission of ISRO also has many challenges.

difficulty in accuracy
The distance of the moon from the earth is 3,844 kilometers. Trajectory Accuracy is the main thing. It is influenced by the moon’s gravity. Apart from this, the presence of other astronomical institutions on the moon and solar radiation will also be affected.

Deep-Space Communication
Delay in communication will also be a big problem. Any message you take will take a few minutes to reach. Can be Seagles Week. Apart from this, the noise of background noise will also affect the dialogue.