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In the Israeli parliament, the US Vice-President said, Iran will not allow nuclear weapons to develop.

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Jerusalem, US Vice-President Mike Pence, addressing the Israeli parliament on Monday, said that Washington would never allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons. Pence said between the rumble of Israeli lawmakers, “My promise to Israel, West Asia and the world is that America will never allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons.”
In 2015, the Israeli opposition strongly opposed the agreement to contain Iran’s nuclear capabilities. However, the then U.S. President Barack Obama supported this agreement. Obama’s successor, Donald Trump, accused the Tehran of not maintaining it.

Trump has said that it is still allowing the Islamic Republic to assist terrorist organizations of the whole world, including Israel’s long-term enemies. Pence said on Monday, “Iran’s nuclear deal is a tragedy and America will not now prove the agreement based on this wrong thinking.”

He said, “President Trump has said that if Iran’s nuclear deal is not corrected then the US will move away from the immediate agreement.” The other parties to the agreement are UK, China, France, Germany, Russia, and the European Union and all say that this is working and Iran remains on its promise.