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Israeli army invades Iran’s military bases in Syria.

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Jerusalem, The Israeli army carried out attacks throughout Syria in almost all the bases of Syria. Defense Minister Avigador Lieberman gave this information on Thursday. Earlier Israel had blamed Iran for its rocket and missile burnings on its military bases.

Liberman said in a security conference, “We attacked almost all the bases of Iran in Syria.” The Israeli army said, “They need to remember that if we have rain, a storm will run on them. I hope we finish this episode and everyone understands it. ‘

The army said that in recent years it is the largest operation of the Israeli army against Iran’s targets. Israel said that about 20 rockets were fired on Syrian side on its army in Golan Heights at around midnight. No Israeli civilian was injured in the attack After this, he carried out attacks. Liberman said, “We do not want to increase the tension, but we will not leave those who attack us or those who prepare the framework for attacking us in the future.”