is being average a good thing? Can you accept if someone is average?

is being average a good thing? Can you accept if someone is average?

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In these advancing times where anyone and everyone is judged based on their capabilities and achievements, people have started to hate the word “average”. We as a society have started pressurizing everyone to be the best, Read that line once more and it itself will point out the fault in its ideology. It’s high time we realize you can ONLY become the best when you pass through the average phase. Once upon a time, there used to be a guy who was infamous in his town for being the” jack of all trades and the master of none”, or even worse for being “average” in anything and everything he did. The societal pressure was so intense that he started losing confidence in himself, and would always blame God for making him so untalented, but he never gave up. Instead, he worked harder and harder till he …! You know who he is, right? He is You and Me and Everyone else, for we have all faced self-doubt, for we have all been through the phase where whatever we did was not the best. Be it Sundar Pichai, Anubhav Singh Bassi, Steve Jobs, The person reading this or any successful person, you will identify yourself as them in a short span of their life. You are them as well, just in that short span where you are an “Average” but worry not Thy Too Shall Pass. Life isn’t about the first chances, it’s about the second one, the third one, the umpteenth one but never the last one. This is not my experience, neither is this an article to encourage you to work harder, it’s just the truth, the blunt truth you need to know so that you don’t give up before reaching the other side of the cave. The other side, where light and fame and happiness are waiting for you where you are the Best, where you appreciate that you went through such a time which made you humble enough to empathize with fellow mates who might go through the same thing when they start the journey of their life. There are no shortcuts to success, You can’t qualify JEE mains in 20 days, You can not become the prime minister in a month, You can not become the fastest human in 60 days

Stop looking for shortcuts, half of our precious time gets wasted looking for shortcuts in everyday life, little do we realize that these shortcuts are the most difficult obstacles in the journey of being the best. Imagine Usain Bolt directly participating in Olympics without months and years of sweat and determination and getting a clinical injury in his first run thereby ending his career, for it would have happened we wouldn’t have known that 100 meters can be finished in less than 10 seconds. For every star you see on screen, it has burnt for months and years before you noticed it, before it started making a difference, before it went from “average” to “best”. Give it time, it will prove itself, stop pressuring yourself or anyone else for that matter. 

Start appreciating the journey, for if you don’t you would have to go through this painful phase with surplus negative emotions which make it even tougher. When we are upset about something, we don’t often realize that this might affect our journey and thus the goal because it might seem trivial but the truth is negative emotions just worsen the situation. When this journey ends, you will not remember why or when or what you were so depressed about so it’s better off that you start enjoying the process and thus decreasing the pressure on your mind and making this journey faster. 

We are all a group of people who are average and being average is fine because it gives you the courage to go on, go on till you reach the finish line, till you finish the race in which you are 

the only one running. You are not competing with anyone else but yourself and your negative thoughts. If we are able to do that, We might as well finish the story at the start of this article and keep it to remember for years to come. For someone has rightly said, BEING AVERAGE IS FINE.