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Irfan Khan Birth Anniversary, his family and fans are missing him

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Actor Irfan Khan has his birthday today and his fans are also missing him. On his birthday today, Irfan Khan’s son Babil has shared an emotional message by sharing a video. Irrfan’s son Babil has shared a video of Irrfan Khan on social media and wrote that ‘You didn’t believe in birthday, anniversary celebrations, that’s why I don’t remember anyone’s birthday, we get a birthday every day. We used to celebrate the same way. Earlier Mummy used to remind both of us, but this time I did not forget. It’s your birthday, Baba. Shoutout to all the technologically inept parents, notice that they did not finish saying that they miss me.’

Irfan’s last wish could not be fulfilled

Irrfan Khan was very close to his mother and the news of his mother’s demise came just days before Irfan died and wanted to have his mother’s last visit, but he could not do so due to the lockdown. Irfan’s wish remained unfulfilled in his mind, he was very sad and the same thing was being consumed by him.
Significantly, Irrfan’s mother died 3 days before the actor’s death. Irfan was broken after hearing this news. Earlier too, Irfan himself had told in an interview that he was very close to his mother and used to be better with the mother than the father, sharing everything with the mother.

These were Irfan’s last words

Irfan Khan remembered his mother till her last breath. Even in his last moments, Irfan remembered his mother. Even while dying, he said that ‘Look… Amma has come, she is sitting with me, Amma has come to pick me up.’ These were Irfan Khan’s last words.