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Ireland: Strict laws will be taken by referendum on abortion.

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The Prime Minister of Ireland and Leo Varadkar of Indian origin have said that the people of the country will decide through a referendum regarding the removal of constitutional restrictions on most of the methods and abortions of abortion.

Varadkar had convened a special meeting of Cabinet to discuss a detailed discussion on the amendment on the eighth amendment in the Constitution of Ireland. After the meeting, he gave the above information. The Prime Minister said that the voters will be asked that they want to uphold the amendment, or want to withdraw it, or they want to give full authority to legislate on abortion to the Parliament.

In the revision of 1983, a mother has been given equal rights to live and a child born in the womb. In this country of Roman Catholicism, there is strict restriction against abortion in whole of Europe. Here abortion allowance is given in rare cases when the woman’s life is in danger.