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IRCTC: The automatic vending machine will serve pizza in 8 minutes to the railway passengers.

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IRCTC has started a new pizza vending machine at Mumbai Central Station on Monday. This special machine is preparing to serve fresh pizza in 8 minutes to the passengers. Railways have started this project from the West Zone at the moment and if the experiment is successful then such a machine will be installed on other stations.

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has taken another major step in trying to give railway passenger new alternatives to food during the journey. On the one hand, plans like Ready to Eat Meal, Branded Food have been started in Express trains, while Mumbai Suburban Railway has also started a new initiative from the Railways. On Monday, Indian Railway’s first Annie Time Pizza machine has been installed in Mumbai Central (Mainline) campus.

From this machine in the station premises, a completely fresh pizza will be prepared in 8 minutes. In the vending cafeteria made in Mumbai Central, besides Pizza Machine, Fresh Juice Machine and Food Vending Machine have also been installed. Almost all the dishes have been arranged to serve the passengers through the food vending machine, from Dal Khichadi to Biryani.

Pizza will be made in front of the eyes
This will be the first time that the entire process of making pizza from the beginning to the end will be performed by the machine in front of the customer. Therefore purity and cleanliness can be guaranteed. This machine has three chambers. The first chamber has a pizza floor. Due (duff flour) is prepared from this. Then the base is formed. Topping is inserted in the second chamber. In the third chamber the pizza is baked through the microwave. According to Executive, this machine is the first pizza vending machine of Indian Railways and if this experiment is successful then it will be installed on other stations.

Pizza in 8 minutes
Pizza will come out in 8 minutes, there will be a transaction with cash, credit card, or debit card. At the beginning, the machine will also have assistants to guide. 250 rupees for the big size thin crust pizza has been kept. French fries will be found in 100 grams, 200 grams and 300 grams. Rs 189 for Dal Khichdi, Rs 179 for Pav Bhaji and Rs 229 for Jain Punjabi Platter. The food vending machine will have a plate of famous eatouts, which will serve you after heating the robotic arm.