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Iraq: More than 5 thousand 200 bodies found under debris in Mosul.

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Mosul, More than 5 thousand 200 dead bodies have been recovered from the debris of buildings destroyed in Mosul city of Iraq. Mosul assembly of Lieth Jaini says, “5,228 bodies were recovered last month, out of which 2,658 were bodies of citizens and 2,570 bodies of the Islamic State militants.”

Jaini said, “On Thursday, we recovered the bodies of 6 unknown people from the debris in Shawan city. We believe that there are 500 to 700 dead bodies in the wreckage. “They said that the bodies have been buried in wreckage for more than 10 months and are in very bad condition.

Jaini says that after the identity of bodies of IS militants, they will be buried in a separate graveyard. In July 2017, PM Haider al-Abadi of Iraq announced the release of Mosul from IS. In June 2014, Islamic State had occupied a large portion of the northern province of Iraq.