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Iran will enrich as much uranium as it wants: Hassan Rouhani

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Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani has warned America with a very strong tone that his country will enrich the amount of uranium as it wishes, and this work is starting on Sunday. This statement by Rouhani has increased the pressure on the United States to join the nuclear agreement and to save the agreement on other countries and to get a way out of American sanctions.

Significantly, the presence of the President in this warning of President Rouhani and more than the quantity of enriched uranium in the 2015 agreement means that Iran will collect uranium more as a nuclear weapon in less than a year. However, Iran says it does not want to make weapons or wants war with anyone, but the 2015 agreement aims to prevent Iran from gaining the ability to make nuclear weapons.

After the withdrawal of US President Donald Trump from the nuclear deal, economic sanctions on Iran, threatening sanctions against countries buying oil and sending surveillance drones in Iran border, the tension between the two countries has increased.

Meanwhile Trump tweeted in response to the warning of Rouhani: ‘Iran should be cautious while threatening, because its consequences can be very serious. So serious, as never before. ‘

According to the nuclear deal, Iran can enrich 3.67 percent uranium, which is sufficient for nuclear power plants. But to build weapons, culture should be 90 percent. At the same time the agreement said that Iran would not store more than 300 kg of uranium.

Nonetheless, after separation from the US agreement and imposing stringent economic sanctions against Iran, Iran has resumed the uranium enrichment program. Rouhani had said, “Uranium enrichment level will not be 3.67 percent from July 7.”