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Iran warned the US, the US said – do not understand Tehran the weakness of Trump’s decision.

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Among the increased tensions in the Gulf, Iran has warned the United States that the conflict in the region could be uncontrolled and the lives of American soldiers could be in danger. Following the announcement of US President Donald Trump to impose further restrictions on the Islamic Republic, a senior commander of the Iranian army said this on Sunday. Tell you that the tension in the area remains intact since the Iranian army has killed a powerful American drone. Trump had ordered the attack, but in the last minute, they withdrew it.

Trump had said on Saturday that new major sanctions will be imposed against Iran on Monday. However, he has also said that if Iran ceases to work on making nuclear weapons, then he can become his best friend (Iran). Tell you that Trump himself tweeted to the world that he stopped the military attack to avenge the drone dropping because it could kill 150 people.

Iran does not forget to understand weakness: US
Meanwhile, US National Security Adviser John Bolton warned Iran. The US NSA, who went on a trip to Israel, said that the president of the Trump decision to cancel the attack in the last moment should not forget to understand Iran’s weakness. Bolton said before the meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, “No Iran nor any other enemy country should forget to understand the American conscience as a weakness.” Bolton clearly said, ‘Our army has new energy and it is ready for every situation.’

Iran said, will respond
Iran has said that he will give a repetitive response to any kind of action against him. Tehran also warned about the risk of war on Sunday. Major General G. Rashid said, “If war breaks out in the area, then no country can stop it and it can last long.” He further said that the US government should protect the lives of its soldiers in a responsible way by avoiding any kind of movement in the region.

On the other hand, Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani has alleged that the US is pushing the tension in the Middle East. He said that the presence of American soldiers in the area is responsible for the problems of the region.

US attack on Iran’s computer system?
In the meantime, the US has secretly launched cyber attacks on the computer system of the Iranian intelligence group. These attacks began from the day when the U.S. President had decided not to use the traditional methods of military force. An American official who knew the case said that the target of cyber attack is computer systems, which are used for missile and rocket launch.

Let us tell you that stress has started to grow once again in Iran and the United States since the decision to exit Trump’s 2015 nuclear deal. Iran was banned again. The US has repeatedly said that it will not allow Iran to make nuclear weapons. The US ally Israel has also indicated to support. Saudi has also opposed Iran. At the same time, Russia has come forward in support of Iran.