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Iran: The US has been addicted to the make sanctions on any country.

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Tehran, Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif jumped into a growing dispute between Turkey and the United States, accusing Washington that he has addicted to banning and harboring violence. It is embarrassing to be excited when US President Donald Trump launches an economic ban on his NATO colleague Turkey.

He said, “America wants freedom from sanctions and intimidation, otherwise the whole world will go ahead with verbal condemnation to compel him to come forward.” They said, ‘We have been standing with the neighbors before and still will do this.’ Trump had doubled tariffs on steel and aluminum in Turkey amid a controversy over detention of American pastor Andrew Brunson and other issues.

Earlier, Iran’s President Hassan Ruhani had told the North Korean Foreign Minister that the US was not worth the trust. Let us know that the US has separated from the 2015 nuclear deal. After this, the relations between the two countries have come to an end, while the United States has banned Iran again. After this, Iran rejected the offer of negotiations from Washington. External Affairs Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif again reiterated that there would be no meeting with the US due to the ban.