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iPhone 13 series: There might never be an iPhone 13.

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Like each year, Apple will dispatch a progression of new iPhones around September. We anticipate that it should be the iPhone 13 series. Yet till the launch, the speculating game about what precisely the new gadgets will be called is required to proceed. For congruity, we are altogether alluding to the forthcoming gadgets like the iPhone 13. Yet a lot of late reports have proposed that there really may never be an iPhone 13.

A potential name that is being tossed around a piece is the iPhone 12S. Bloomberg had an article in January this year that referred to Apple engineers saying that the impending line-up will accompany just minor updates throughout the last emphasis, the iPhone 12 that is – thus, more like the ‘S’ rendition of iPhone 12. Apple insider Jon Prosser, who has a history of being really precise, has additionally pointed towards an iPhone 12S.

Furthermore, it won’t be completely strange things being what they are. Apple has utilized this naming plan in the past with the iPhone 6S that came in 2015 after the iPhone 6. Furthermore, the iPhone XS came in 2018 after the iPhone X.

On the off chance that different reports are anything to pass by. There won’t be an iPhone 13 one year from now either and Apple could possibly move directly to the iPhone 14 of every 2022.


The number 13 has for some time been connected with “misfortune” with numerous individuals. Including phone organizations trying not to name a gadget with that specific number.

Presently, Apple has truly not named their items with that number – there is the A13 Bionic for instance. Notwithstanding, this time it’s not about a chip or a product update, the phone that will be launched in the not so distant future will be a shopper item and Apple will need individuals to get it. Especially since the iPhone is Apple’s marquee item and is liable for almost half of its incomes. Given that, Apple may very well need to guide away from the number 13.

Other than that, if Apple goes with the iPhone 12S classification, it very well may be making way for a critical upgrade with the iPhone 14 or iPhone 15. Apple skirted the iPhone 9 and followed the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus with the iPhone X. Furthermore, the iPhone X was a major update over the more established models regarding the plan.

There is actually no understanding of what the iPhone 14 or the iPhone 15 may resemble. Hypotheses recommend that one of them could be the much-anticipated foldable. Reports have fixed that a foldable iPhone may occur by 2022 while Apple examiner Ming-Chi Kuo has said that it may stop by 2023. We’ll simply need to stand by and watch.