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Internet speed in Tbps: More than 42 thousand GB of data can be downloaded in just 1 minute. The new world record is made of 44.2 Tbps speed.

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Where internet speed starts, all telecom operators and broadband providers get stuck at Mbps. After 5G internet speed comes, talk has started, Gbps. Now with the help of a special chip, all the records of the world have been broken and the internet speed that the researchers of Australia have got is in terabytes per second.

Downloading more than 1000 HD movies in just a second, it sounds like a joke but not a lie. The coming time can also turn this dream into reality for you because the researchers have shown this by doing so. Breaking all the records of the world, the internet speed that researchers have got in Australia is Tbps i.e. in terabytes per second. This internet speed is so high that more than 42 thousand GB of data can be downloaded in just 1 minute. The new world record is made of 44.2 Tbps speed.

To understand how high the speed was, let’s look at the data speed found on your phone or computer. 1 million megabytes of digital information are provided and a good broadband connection gives a top speed of 100Mbps. That is, 100MB of data is received in a second. In mobile data or wireless connections this speed is less than 1Mbps. The speed that researchers have got in Tbps is 1000 billion units of digital information in one terabyte.

Hundreds of phone storage full in 1 second
If you are getting internet speed in terabytes per second then 1000GB of data can be downloaded in a second. The speed that the researchers got was 44.2Tbps, which means that the researchers downloaded 44,200GB of data in a second. If you want to understand easily, at this speed, the storage of more than 86 smartphones with 512 GB storage and more than 172 smartphones with 256 GB storage can be filled. It will take only one second to do this.

A small chip will replace 80 hardware
Britain’s average broadband speed is 64 megabytes per second. Researchers have created this record with the help of a single chip called Micro-Comb, which replaces 80 layers of existing telecom hardware with only a small chip. Experts say that with its help, the demand for home-working, streaming, and socializing will be increased. Apart from this, the new technology will also help in the fields of self-driving cars, medicine and education.

Pages will load in a microsecond
The micro-comb was planned into a network connecting Melbourne’s university campus. Swinburne University professor David Moss, who invented a micro-comb smaller than a coin, said, “With their help, the demand of the bandwidth can be met.” Doctor Bill Corcoran of Monash University said, “This is just a small glimpse of us, which shows how the structure for the Internet will work in the next two to three years.” This will give many times faster speed and Internet-related work can be done in a blink of an eye.