International Nurses Day

International Nurses Day 2021: Who was Florence Nightingale, in whose memory ‘Nurse Day’ is celebrated

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Today is International Nurses Day. In the midst of the Covid epidemic, nurse doctors have emerged as real warriors in every country. The nurse does all the work of looking after a patient, the sick man is cured only by following the instructions given by the doctor and plays the role of ‘nurse’. ‘International Nurse Day is celebrated all over the world in memory of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing.

Today Nurses Day is the birthday of Florence Nightingale. Hence this day is celebrated all over the world as Nurses Day. Florence Nightingale, known as “Lady with the Lamp”, bowed down to the whole world in front of service, dedication, sacrifice.

Who was Florence Nightingale in whose memory ‘International Nurses Day’ is celebrated?

Florence Nightingale was born on 12 May 1820 in Britain, a period when nurses were not given the respect they deserve today? Florence belonged to an elite family, her father William Edward Nightingale was a prosperous landowner. So she faced opposition from her family when she pledged to serve poor-helpless people in 1845. But then he completed his nursing studies at the Protestant Deaconesses Institute in Germany.

Florence served selflessly with all the soldiers carrying lanterns during the Premia War, known as “Lady with the Lamp” and is hence referred to as “Lady with the Lamp”. Florence Nightingale founded St. Tomas Hospital and Nightingale Training School for Nurses in the year 1860. In January 1974, a resolution to celebrate International Nurses Day was passed in the US on 12 May in memory and honour of Florence Nightingale. To this day, nurses who have made notable contributions in the field of nursing are also honoured with the Florence Nightingale Award.

Rahul Gandhi did Tweet Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has congratulated all the nurses on ‘International Nurses Day. He tweeted that ‘My best wishes to those who are removing pain and suffering from this world. We salute your contribution and praise your philanthropic spirit. Happy International Nurses Day. ‘