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Instagram reels : How to create it and become Insta famous

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Instagram recently rolled out it’s new ‘reel’ feature for its users. The reels feature functions exactly like the now-banned Chinese application Tiktok. If you still don’t know what Tiktok is, you’ve been living under a rock.

So just like Tiktok, Instagram reels too let users create short videos. The feature is available where the Instagram camera is, the same place that has the Boomerang, rewind video, slo-mo, and more options.

This latest feature by Instagram allows users to shoot videos, add filters and music which is available from Instagram’s catalogue and share it beyond the platform. Another feature is that the users will be able to share Reels in Explore and also on their personal feed. However, instagram has not provided any monetisation methods as of now. But yes, if you really want to be instagram famous, maybe with your art, or your dance moves, or your singing, anything, the reel feature is going to make it super easy for you.

So first let me tell you how to create a basic reel video on Instagram.

• First go to the Instagram camera and select Reels at the bottom.

• Now tap on the Audio option and select a song using the Instagram music library.

• You can use the original reel audio by simply recording a Reel using the audio.

• Now to filters, add AR Effect which will make your Reel interesting and set the timer as well to record any of your clips hands-free.

• Users will also get an option to speed up or slow down part of the video or audio.

• And your video is ready!

Instagram Reels is a great initiative for exposure. You can easily reach a huge number of audience if you keep a few things in mind.

Firstly, reels are short and so most people keep it funny. So if you have a great sense of humour, you can just crack a joke and boom you’re famous.

Make hashtags your bestfriends. Add hashtags to your caption so that they reach more people.

So when you share Reels featuring certain songs, hashtags or effects, your video may also appear on dedicated pages whenever someone clicks on that song, hashtag or effect.

Lastly, make sure your account is public and not private so that it gets featured on the Explore page. Just a reminder, don’t get addicted to it, have fun!