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Inspector asks 16-year-old girl to dance in order to file an FIR

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On the 16th of August 2020, Sunday, a video of a 16 year old girl sent viral all over social media. In the video, the teenage girl is seen accusing an inspector of the Govind Nagar police station.

In the video, she says that the cop had asked her to dance in lieu of registering an FIR against the nephew of her landlord. The teenager has said that that the inspector summoned her to the police station during odd hours and asked her to dance in front of him.

The girl lived on rent in a house in Govind Nagar. The girl’s family earns a livelihood by hosting and organising “jagran” parties. For all those who don’t know, jagran means staying up all night chanting prayers.

They had tried to lodge a complaint against the nephew of their landlord,
accusing him of molesting the girl, besides forcibly evacuating them from the rented portion of the house a few days ago, the family said.

Apparently, on the 26th of July, the landlord’s nephew, Anup Yadav, barged in and attacked the family, forcing them to evacuate the place.

The 16 year old’s mother said to a policeman, “Again, on August 7 night, my daughter was molested by him while she was on her way back home from the market. It was when she approached Inspector Govind Nagar, Anurag
Mishra, he asked my daughter to first dance in front him and then he will register her complaint.”

The Govind Nagar Circle Officer Vikas Kumar Pandey, said that there was already ab on going dispute between the two sides with regard to possession of a house. There were fights about this very often.

“There seems to be no substance in the charges. Prima facie it appears that the girl has made the video viral in order to create pressure on the police.
However, a probe is underway in this regard,” Vikas Kumar Pandey concluded.