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India’s 30th rank in the Global Manufacturing Index, topped in the Japan list.

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New Delhi: India has got 30th rank in the Global Manufacturing Index. In this case, India is above all BRICS countries except China. Japan is top in the list and China is at number 5. This rank is given by the World Economic Forum. These things are revealed in the Geneva based World Economic Forum’s Readiness for the Future of Production Report.
India in BRICS countries
– In the BRICS countries 5th China, India 30th, Russia 35th, Brazil 41st and South Africa 45th rank.
– The list of Top 10 lists names of South Korea, Germany, Switzerland, China, Czech Republic, US, Sweden, Austria and Ireland after Japan.
India World’s 5th Largest Manufacturing Company

– According to the World Economic Forum, India is the 5th largest manufacurechnic country in the world. In 2016, $ 42 billion worth of value was added to India from this area. In the country, this sector has been growing at an average rate of 7% per annum for the past three decades. This sector has a contribution of 16 to 20% of India’s GDP. Demand for manufacturing product in India is constantly increasing.

India in the Legacy category

– India has been included in the Legacy category. It includes Hungary, Mexico, Philippines, Russia, Thailand and Turkey with India. At the same time, China is placed in Leading category, Brazil and South Africa are included in the fourth category Nassant.
100 countries in 4 categories
– There are a total of 4 categories in the report, which includes 100 countries. 4 categories include Leading, High Potential, Legacy and Nascent. Leading means that the current base of the base is stronger and more towards the future. High potential countries in which Current Base Limited is but more potential for future. The countries which have a current base in Legacy but look at the future in risk. At the same time, Nassant includes those countries, which have lower capabilities in future with limited current base.